ACE affiliates in California offer a variety of activities aimed at helping young people explore potential careers in architecture, engineering and construction.

In addition, both local affiliates and the ACE national office provide financial assistance to students who pursue a post-high-school course of study leading to a career in the building industry.

You can find an ACE affiliate in virtually every major California city. In addition to their immediate vicinity, some of these affiliates include local towns as well. For example, ACE Los Angeles extends to Pasadena, Rosemead, Santa Ana and Santa Monica, while ACE San Francisco reaches out to Oakland and San Jose.

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ACE Mentor CA Summer Camp 2014 – San Diego

ACE Summer Camp was an intensive 8-day program for the best and brightest high school juniors from all over California. Two or more students were selected from each affiliate program and provided the opportunity to experience college life while working on a design/build animal feeder project. The dorms offered a true college experience, while daily off-campus field trips gave students a taste of the world of work.

Check back soon for a full synopsis of camp!

Special thanks to the AGC of California Education Foundation for their continued support of ACE Summer Camp. For information on the foundation and their scholarship programs, please visit

Click here to download the ACE Mentor Program Summer Camp 2014 RPF

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Summer Camp would not be possible without the support of our generous sponsors.

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