ACE’s Florida affiliates offer local high school young people a “real-life” opportunity to discover the potential rewards available to those who pursue careers in architecture, engineering and construction.

Trough our programs, successful professionals from local building industry firms serve as mentors, working with students as they engage in a wide range of activities.

These might include field trips to construction sites, visits to university engineering and other construction-related departments, and tours of professional offices. In addition, student teams and their mentors collaborate on projects that simulate genuine industry situations.

The result is a practical way for young people to learn about the tools and procedures building industry professionals use to translate abstract ideas into the structures that make up our everyday world.

In addition, these affiliates offer various kinds of financial assistance to those who decide to pursue a post-high-school course of study leading to a career in the building industry.

To find out more about ACE Florida’s career discovery programs, click on the regions under Florida to the left.

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