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ACE Mentor Program of Utah (ACE Utah) is a Nonprofit 501c3 high school mentoring program.
We are the Utah Affiliate of the ACE Mentor Program of America—a 20+ year national high school mentoring program for
Architecture, Construction, Engineering (ACE) with affiliates across the nation. ACE Mentor Program of America has given
out more than $14 million in scholarships. ACE Utah started in 2015 and has already provided over $4,500 in scholarships
and 100+ hours of mentoring and industry exposure.

The ACE mission is to enlighten and motivate students toward architecture, construction, engineering, and related careers,
including both the skilled trades and professional pursuits. The goal of ACE is to tour local universities, explore career paths
and provide support to students interested in these pathways.


Mentors Needed—the minimum number is 2 for each discipline at each school.

  • 8 Architects
  • 8 Contractors
  • 8 Engineers

If more sign up, we can use the extra help and redundancy to fill in where schedule conflicts arise. School districts / areas to
participate include the following:

  • Davis School District
    (Davis County)
  • Granite School District
    (Central Salt Lake County)
  • Canyons School District
    (Southeast Salt Lake County)
  • Nebo School District
    (Southern Utah County)
  • Jordan School District
    (Southwest Salt Lake County)




Mentors will guide a 2 hour session once every other week from mid January to mid May. Depending on which high school
you would like to mentor at, our affiliate will share a more detailed calendar.


Each session involves either an activity, field trip, or working session that allows the students to experience the AEC careers
in action and produce a final design project with the group. This project often is submitted to a national competition. A past
school has placed in the top 3 winners at national competitions for the last two years.


To ensure the safety of the students, each mentor is required to register through the ACE website. As part of the registration,
ACE will conduct a background check of every mentor. The Utah Affiliate will help you with any registration questions you
might have. Register now!


Through ACE, we have the ability to give high school students the basic skills, networking, and career guidance that will offer
future occupation and success. Please consider being a mentor and giving back to your profession.


Click below to send an email to Jared Larson, AIA,
ACE Mentor Program Board Chair.



If you are interested in contributing to our scholarships and operating expenses, you can donate here:

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