Past Winners from 2011 - 2007


1st Place - ACE of Frederick, Maryland for their “Serenity Health Clinic”

2nd Place - ACE Mentor San Francisco Bay Area/Peninsula Team-1 for their “Mountain View H.S.”

3rd Place - ACE Greater New York City/Team-8 for their “Aquila Village”


2011 Winners from ACE of Frederick, Maryland


1st Place - ACE Denver, Green Mountain/Team Brugman-Bayley for their "Ideal School"

2nd Place - ACE New Haven, CT for their "East Haven Green Housing Row"

3rd Place - ACE Greater Bridgeport, CT Chapter for their "Creative Experience Center for the Arts"


2010 Winners from ACE Denver


1st Place - ACE Greater New York City, Team 8 for their "Cullian III London 2012 Olympic Stadium"

2nd Place - ACE Nashville, Team 5 for their "Modular Education Pavilion"

3rd Place - ACE Honolulu for their "Pacific Performing Arts Center"


2009 Winners from ACE Greater New York City


1st Place - ACE Frederick, MD for their "Gateway to Tomorrow: Your One Stop Aeroshop"

2nd Place - ACE San Francisco / Palo Alto, CA for their "Bee Hive,” an innovative housing solution

3rd Place - ACE Greater Kansas City for their “Marshall Plan," an athletic community center 


2008 Winners from ACE of Frederick, Maryland


1st Place - ACE Mentor Program of Hawaii for thier “A Honu World”

2nd Place - ACE Mentor Program of New York City for “The SHELL-ter”

3rd Place - ACE Mentor Program of Greater Kansas City for "The Darwiche Memorial Sports Pavillion"


2007 Winners from ACE of Hawaii

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