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ACE's programs rely upon committed, energetic mentor & volunteer participation. By acting as professional role models, trusted friends and career advisors, mentors make a significant contribution to their communities, while helping to develop the professionals who will lead tomorrows building industry. In addition, mentoring presents a variety of networking opportunities, as well as chances to sharpen individual presentation and other professional skills.

Mentors & volunteers are generally members of a local community in which an ACE affiliate is located. They should also be dedicated industry participants who are passionate about what they do and want to share their enthusiasm with the workforce of the future. In addition, they must be able to establish rapport with students. While this is often easiest for young mentors, mentors of all ages have been very successful. Finally, mentors should be team players willing to dedicate up to 30 hours of their time during the school year.


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By providing financial and other resources, sponsors support our programs and our growth. Most importantly, they enable us to offer our programs to students at no cost, so we can attract the best and most highly motivated talent from all levels of our society.

In addition, sponsorships present opportunities to network with other industry leaders and decision makers. These are chances to discuss collaborative business opportunities and share views about where the industry is going, where it ought to be going and how it ought to get there.

Finally, ACE is the construction industries fastest-growing high school mentoring program, with 30,500 students participating. As a result, a national sponsorship positions your organization on the cutting edge of current workforce development efforts, helping develop future leaders.


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Since 1995, more than 30,500 students have had the opportunity to participate in the ACE Mentor Program. There's plenty of reasons why you should participate in ACE:

  • Career guidance from active professionals
  • Understanding of the building design and construction industry
  • Understanding of the workplace
  • Connections to students and professionals
  • Introduction to college programs
  • Behind-the-scenes access to construction sites
  • Opportunity for internships and post-college employment
  • Opportunity for college scholarships
  • Excellent training in presentation and team building skills