ACE Scholarships

Each year, ACE offers scholarships to seniors who are committed to pursuing construction-related careers in college. Thanks to support from many leading firms in Portland's construction industry, the ACE Mentor Program of Oregon was able to award a total of $80,000 in scholarships to 16 students last year.
(For application instructions, see “How to Apply” below.)

Congratulations to our 2018 ACE scholarship winners:

$8,000:  Audrey Collins (Grant High), Hadley Carlberg (Tualatin High).

$5,000: Ashley Ulberg (Tualatin High), Reid Wiley (Wilson High), Hunter Enz (Colton High), Alev Ersan (Milwaukie High), Colin Klein (Grant High), Sammy Longo (Central Catholic High), Sara Mohamed (Benson Polytechnic High), Brandt Yamamoto (Roosevelt High).

$4,000:  Dario Rolon-Manzo and Samantha Wiegand (Benson Polytechnic High), David Mallery (Lincoln High), Kayla Coyne (Clackamas High), Diny Martinez-Villatoro (Parkrose High), Alexander Qui (West Linn High).

Thanks to generous donors at the ACE Luncheon, along with support from the Anderson Construction Foundation and the Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation, we will also be sending four students to the ACE Summer Camp at the University of Colorado Denver!

Congratulations to the students selected for the ACE Summer Camp:

Olivia Vester (Benson Polytechnic High), Riley Skyles (Central Catholic High), Kenneth Yohe (Sherwood High), and Carina Carmona (De La Salle High).


How to Apply

Detailed ACE Scholarship and ACE Summer Camp instructions will be sent to all ACE Oregon students via email in mid-March.

In order to be eligible to apply, you must meet the following criteria:

  • ACE Scholarship: You are a Senior in high school, graduating in Spring 2019.
  • ACE Summer Camp: You are a Junior in high school, graduating in Spring 2020.
  • You will complete the 2018-2019 ACE Mentor Program.
  • You are pursuing higher education in a field of study related to ACE (architecture, construction, construction related engineering, or related disciplines).
  • You must complete and submit all parts of your application before the deadline. Late applications will not be considered.

Application requirements:

1) Complete the Online Application on the ACE database.

2) Ask your Mentor Captain to submit your Mentor Evaluation Form.
Mentor Captains should send completed forms directly to ACE staff. Students do NOT need a Mentor Letter of Recommendation (even if the online application asks for it).

3) Obtain a completed Letter of Recommendation from a school teacher or counselor.
ASK EARLY to give your teachers time to complete their letter of recommendation.

4) ACE Scholarship only: Obtain an Academic Transcript from your high school.
Unofficial transcripts are acceptable. Transcript not required for ACE Summer Camp applications.

5) Submit all documents before the deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.

Application Timeline:

  • ACE Scholarship & ACE Summer Camp info will be shared at the mid-term review sessions in mid-March.
  • More info and detailed instructions will be sent to ACE seniors via email after the mid-terms.
  • The scholarship deadline will be April 8th.
  • Scholarship winners are announced at the final presentations.

Please feel free to contact ACE staff if you have any questions.


Other Scholarships

Other companies and foundations often offer other scholarship opportunities for ACE students and alumni. Some of our partners have included the Home Builders Foundation, U.S. Green Building Council, Society for Marketing Professional Services, and more.

Applications and deadlines vary depending on the scholarship. ACE Portland staff will send out information to ACE students via email once applications become available.

ACE National also has a list of scholarships on their Students tab, including a list of 20 national organizations and firms offering scholarships for high school students and ACE alumni in college.

Congratulations to our alumni who won additional scholarships through ACE:

  • 2018 JE Dunn Construction Internship - Ashley Ulberg, 2018 ACE alumna
  • 2018 Mortenson Construction Internship - Colin Klein, 2018 ACE alumnus
  • 2018 Skanska Internship - Kenneth Yohe, 2018 ACE student
  • 2017 Andersen Construction Internship – Audrey Collins, 2018 ACE alumna
  • 2015 ACE/Milgard Award (Home Builders Foundation) - Bethany Woods, 2015 ACE alumna
  • 2015 Caliber Excellence Award (Home Builders Foundation) - Claudia Monroy-Benitez, 2015 ACE alumna
  • 2015 Greenbuild Conference Scholarship (US Green Building Council) - Elona Wilson, 2014 ACE alumna
  • 2014 Greenbuild Conference Scholarship (US Green Building Council) - Siriane Lawless, 2011 ACE alumna
  • 2014 ACE/Milgard Award (Home Builders Foundation) - Alexa Thornton, 2014 ACE alumna


Past Scholarship Recipients

Since 2007, ACE Oregon has awarded $539,000 in scholarships to committed seniors pursuing construction-related careers in college. Over the years, some of our ACE scholarship alumni have gone on to become involved with our program as mentors and board members.

Listed below are the names of all past ACE Oregon scholarship recipients.

2017 Recipients: Jessica Howell, Gavin Macpherson, Aubrey Moore, Julia Andrus, Nancy Barroso-Reyes, Hilary Chaimov, Ross Miho, Jose Sanchez, Shauna Anderson, Hailey Chrisman, Christian Nieto, Elizabeth Rainville, Julia Richards, Edgar Santos-Quintero, Luis Soto-Nampula, Henok Techeste.

2016 Recipients: Max Fajardo, Samantha Marioni, Peter Paskill, Nelea Chin, Madison Canelis, Matthew Reynolds, Lesley Bahena-Patino, Kaleah Buckbee, Hector Uriel Gonzalez-Montiel, Madeline Chu, Gayle Mulligan, Tiernan Fox, John Halsey, Beatrix Ngia, Andy Hua, Andrew Scardina.

2015 Recipients: Antonio Crosier, Justin Kwong, Samuel Gomez, Caroline Ambrose, Eve Lathrop, Kevin Pham, Bethany Woods, Dustin Diep, Jackson Sany, Sophie Tanner, Violetta White, Sarah Grassl, Conor Henson, Hawii Boriyo, Claudia Monroy-Benitez, Nyles Green.

2014 Recipients: Logan Gillis, Moriah Shay Nikolas Tucker, Cadell Chand, Henry Sissac, Summer Olson, Alex Roberts, Alexa Thornton, Brett Sonflieth, Brianna Braukmann, Eden Mcgowan, Zachariah Petett.

2013 Recipients: Kyle Farrell, Collin Faunt, Sidney Greenslate, Jie (Jimmy) Jia, Adriana Lilla, Kylee Martens, Richelle Martens, Megan Mueller, Leighton Murphy, Annie Parham.

2012 Recipients: Huy Nguyen, Madison Hathaway, Tovit Bezukhov, Meryl Kruskopf, Olivia Cantwell, Taylor Spencer, Frank Ngo.

2011 Recipients: Patrick Kempster, Siriane Lawless, Stacia Tarver, Zixing Wang, Sarah Cochenour, Nathaniel Holder.

2010 Recipients: Erik Hanno, Jessica Escobedo, Luis Gonzalez, Maggie Buffum, Matti Sjoblom-Chambers, Jasmine Brickley.

2009 Recipients: Erin Thayer, Daniel Cebula, Iris Wu, Leif Erickson, Nico Varela, Brandon Young, Osten Palmrose, Justin Wilks

2008 Recipients: Amber Willhite, Samantha Doyle, Spencer Hoffman, Michael Calhoun, Zitao Wu, Nelson Brooks, Daniella Sifuentes-Lopez, Emily New, Daniel Navarro-Gomez.

2007 Winners: Matthew Davis, Katarina Ivezic, Nathan Kolibaba, Andrei Shupenka.