Featured Mentor Jesse Chrismer  

Jesse Chrismer, P.E., LEED AP

Greater New York City

Jesse Chrismer began mentoring in 2005 as part of a team linked to the Brooklyn arena project. His tentative involvement in ACE quickly evolved into a wholehearted dedication. He transmitted his enthusiasm for engineering and ACE to students who started to want extra sessions which he gladly arranged on Saturdays at the Thornton Tomasetti office, where he is a senior project engineer. In 2008 when Jesse was assigned to the new Yankee Stadium project, he joined the newly formed ACE team there and soon became its leader. Even though that project finished several years ago and he and other mentors moved on to other assignments, they all elected to keep a team operating at the stadium in spite of the extra commute time necessary to attend ACE meetings. He brings freshness and creativity to each ACE session so that students (and mentors) are challenged and always eager for more. Year after year his team has a high number of repeat students. Jesse’s commitment to ACE has benefited the entire affiliate. He regularly leads mentor-training sessions, and for two years he co-funded a scholarship for a student to attend the summer Career Discovery Program at the Harvard Graduate of Design. At Thornton Tomasetti, in his unofficial role as ACE mentor manager, he has recruited several colleagues to become mentors.