Michael A. Tecci, PE

Senior Staff II (Structures), Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Mike has mentored for the Greater Boston affiliate since its start in 2007 and, for the past five years, has served on its board. His efforts to keep students engaged in the program and introduce major new activities have significantly contributed to the affiliate’s dramatic growth over the past two years—from 42 students in 2015 to 80 in 2016. During the 2015 blizzard that crippled Boston’s transportation system for an extended period, Mike improvised a method that allowed students who were unable to reach the meeting site to stay remotely engaged. As a result, they remained in the program. Last year, Mike spearheaded the Boston affiliate’s partnership with Autodesk, through which students receive free software and training, which have resulted in improved final presentations. This year, he created a Trades Day inspired by the Los Angeles affiliate’s successful model.