Featured Mentor Raun Love  

Raun Love, AIA, LEED AP


From his own experience as a young person, Raun Love knows the benefits of having a strong mentor. For the past eight years, he has fulfilled that role for ACE students at one of Indianapolis’s inner city high schools. His example inspires the students, and his talents as an architect and teacher stimulate them to perform at high levels. A project architect at CSO Architects, Raun strongly believes that students should learn how to create physical representations of their designs. The detailed three-dimensional models that he teaches them to fabricate never fail to impress the audience when his ACE teams make their final presentations. Raun is considered one of ACE Indianapolis’s top two cheerleaders. His passion for ACE excites other mentors and Board members, even his firm’s clients and colleagues. This contributes to his effectiveness as Chair of the Mentor Committee, which, among other responsibilities, recruits new mentors. For the past year, he has served on the ACE Indianapolis Board of Directors.