Featured Mentor Thai Nguyen  

Thai Nguyen

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

Thai Nguyen has come full circle with ACE – from a mentee at John Marshall High School in 2003 to the leader of the ACE team at his alma mater. As a high school senior in the ACE program, he inspired his fellow participants to excel, and now as a mentor he stimulates students to attend college and pursue careers in the design and construction industry. With the aid of an ACE scholarship, he entered the construction management program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. While in college, he returned to his affiliate to interact with students and speak at fundraising events. In 2008 he joined PCL Construction, where today he is a project engineer, and began mentoring in the same year. He has championed the ACE program at PCL with the result that it not only supplies several mentors but also has become one of the Los Angeles affiliate’s strongest corporate supporters. Since 2009 he has led the team at John Marshall H.S. In addition, he serves as one of the affiliate’s two “Team Captains,” a leadership position created to aid and advise team leaders. He is an active member of the Board’s Education Committee and has initiated outreach efforts to middle schools that feed into the high schools where ACE teams function.