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Snappy New ACE Factsheet

This attractively designed ACE Factsheet gives the latest stats about ACE and succinctly tells ACE’s story. 

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New Guidebook of Practical Tips for Mentors
The Mentor Committee of the Greater New York affiliate has compiled a 31-page Best Practice Guide packed with practical tips for mentors about mentoring and running ACE teams.   Compiled by Alison Kran, the program and education coordinator for the NY Mentor Committee, with input from several other NY mentors, the guide discusses such topics as:
  • Teaching styles and techniques
  • Strategies for student retention
  • BIM/CAD modeling
  • Preparing students for final presentations
For more information or to contribute to the guide, contact Alison Kran.

Instagram as an Extracurricular Teaching Tool

Almost one-third of ACE affiliates and teams report using Instagram to reach out to students. Most posts announce events or show pictures but do not actively engage students.
Recently, a few teams have started posting clever homework assignments on Instagram challenging students to take part in a simple, fun activity between sessions.  Team 6 (@nyaceteam6) with the Greater New York affiliate started this two years ago and has described the process in a brief Team Instagram guide.
NY Team 13 Mentor Spotlight
NY Team 6 Instagram Homework
One assignment asked students to take or find a picture showing a building with its structure expressed on the exterior.  Students post their images using the team’s hashtag.  The winner receives a candy bar.   Other NY teams have begun following Team 6’s lead. For more information contact Sara Silvestri and Meghan Toner.
Some teams introduce mentors to students on Instagram using Mentor Spotlights. Check out @nyaceteam6, @acementoraustin, and @aceteam13ny for examples.  

Family Day in Cleveland
For the past four years, the Cleveland affiliate has organized an event involving students and their parents, mentors, ACE supporters, and college partners.   Students from different schools get to meet each other and learn more about the final project RFP.  Parents gain an appreciation for the ACE program.  Colleges give students and parents tips about the college admission and financial aid process. 
Approximately 100 people attended this November’s Family Day hosted at Cleveland State University.  It concluded with lunch.  All participants received a Cleveland Cavaliers scarf and t-shirt.  Students were eligible for a raffle of gift cards, earbuds, and other items.

Alumni Win Scholarships to Greenbuild Conference
(l. to r.) Luis Berrios, Destine Rivera, Diana Eidenshink (ACE President), Walmer Saavedra, Daviyon Jones at Greenbuild conference.
Five ACE alumni competitively won all-expenses scholarships from the U.S. Green Building Council to attend last month’s Greenbuild conference in Boston.
  • Luis Berrios, Los Angeles affiliate (class of 2016), now at California State Polytechnic University
  • Daviyon Jones, Houston affiliate (class of 2016), now at University of Houston
  • Destinie Rivera, Cleveland affiliate (class of 2014), now at University of Akron
  • Walmer Saavedra, Chicago affiliate (class of 2016), now at University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Yeeling Tse, Los Angeles affiliate (class of 2016), now at University of California, Berkeley

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