Executive Committee

  • CharneyBioLONG16.jpg
    Steve Charney
    ACE Legal Council
    Peckar & Abramson, P.C.
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  • PAC favorite.jpg
    Patricia A. Coleman
    ACE Mentor Program Liaison
    Thornton Tomasetti
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  • mfeigin.jpg
    Michael Feigin
    Executive Vice President,
    Chief Construction Officer

    AvalonBay Communities, Inc.
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  • tgilbanejr.jpg
    Thomas Gilbane, Jr.
    Chairman, Development Committee
    Chairman and CEO, Gilbane, Inc.
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  • Caryn Halifax.jpg
    Caryn Halifax
    CEO and President
    International Masonry Institute (IMI) and International Masonry Training and Education Foundation (IMTEF).
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  • hharris.jpg
    Hank Harris
    President & Managing Director
    FMI Corporation
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  • Murray-tie1.jpg
    Scott Murray

    Executive Vice President
    and COO,

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  • Milo E Riverso.jpg
    Milo Riverso
    President and CEO
    STV, Inc.
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  • pat_rodgers.jpg
    Pat Rodgers

    President and CEO
    Rodgers Builders, Inc.
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  • chthornton.jpg
    Charles H. Thornton, PH. D., P.E.
    Honorary Chairman,
    ACE National Board
    Chairman Charles H. Thornton & Co
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