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At the ACE Mentor Program of America, we shape the future of the architecture, construction, and engineering industry. By becoming a National Partner, you not only contribute to building stronger communities but also gain access to a talented pool of students who are passionate about careers in our industry.

Beyond learning the full process of designing and building a project, 95% of recent alumni agree that ACE Mentor improved their leadership, oral and graphic communication, problem solving, and teamwork skills.

Why Partner with ACE?

We are all in this together. Partnering with the ACE Mentor Program of America aligns your organization with a like-minded nonprofit that shares your vision of a diverse and well-trained workforce.

National Partners collaborate with ACE Mentor to empower students who are passionate about AEC careers. Partners can make valuable connections with industry leaders, while amplifying our collective impact.

How to Partner with ACE

Becoming a National Partner with ACE Mentor Program is simple. Contact our team today to discuss opportunities tailored to your organization’s goals and objectives.

Whether through financial sponsorships, in-kind MOUs, or employee volunteerism, there are many ways to get involved and make a difference. Together, we can shape the future of the AEC industry.

To learn more about becoming an ACE partner, please contact: 

ACE National Partners

AEC Unites facilitates intentional opportunities for Black talent and Black-owned businesses in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

ACE Mentor and AEC Unites collaborate to diversify the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) workforce. By partnering with AEC Unites, ACE Mentor students of color have greater access to resources, connections, and post-secondary initiatives. Together, both organizations provide mentorship, internships, and scholarships, empowering the next generation of diverse talent to thrive in the AEC sector.

The National Organization of Minority Architects‘ (NOMA) mission is to foster justice and equity in communities of color through outreach, community advocacy, professional development, and design excellence.

ACE Mentor’s partnership with NOMA includes collaborating with NOMA’s Project Pipeline Initiative, engaging middle school students of color interested in AEC careers. By combining forces, we provide resources, mentorship opportunities, and social capital to nurture diverse talent and create pathways for success in the AEC industry. Together, we’re fostering a more inclusive future for architecture and related professions.

ACE Mentor’s collaboration with Fallingwater’s architecture camp enriches the student experience by introducing diverse perspectives and opportunities to aspiring young architects. Through this alliance, Fallingwater generously provides space and resources, welcoming ACE Mentor students to participate in their overnight camp experience.

This collaboration offers ACE students a unique opportunity to engage directly with architectural principles in a renowned setting, fostering their passion and understanding of the field.