About Us

The ACE Mentor Program of America, founded in 1994, is a no-cost after-school program that prioritizes workforce development for high school students by connecting them with experts from the design and construction industry.

ACE Mentor addresses pressing workforce needs, offers a range of exciting opportunities for students, and plays a crucial role in bridging the skills gap, with continuous mentor opportunities from high school through to full-time employment.



To engage, excite, and enlighten high school students to pursue careers in architecture, engineering, and construction through mentoring and continued support for their advancement into the industry.


  • Help build a large, diverse, and better-prepared workforce.
  • Prioritize engaging students and communities traditionally underrepresented in the industry.
  • Assist and guide students by providing scholarships, internships, and mentoring as they pursue career pathways into the industry.


Inclusion – We will nurture and value the diversity of backgrounds, identities, talents and beliefs of each individual involved in our program.
Collaboration – We believe a spirit of mutually beneficial collaboration will produce the greatest results and maximize our volunteer and fiscal resources.
Excellence – We aspire to deliver the highest quality and most impactful mentor program and commit to approach our work with fairness and honesty.


  • Over 10,000 students reached annually, drawn from over 1,500 high schools nation-wide
  • Over 70% of enrolled students identify as people of color*, and about 40% identify as young women*
  • More than 4,000 industry professionals serve as volunteer mentors each year
  • Nearly $4 million in scholarships was awarded this past year to program alums pursuing industry-related careers, totaling $32.4 Million since ACE’s inception

*Construction Industry: 33% people of color, 11% women; Architecture & Engineering: 24% people of color, 26% women (2022 – US Bureau of Labor Statistics Current Population Survey)

Students Served per Year
Mentors per Year
in Scholarships Last Year


Over 90% of ACE alumni go on to college or skilled trades training programs

More than 70% of ACE seniors annually enter a college or skilled trades program with an industry-related focus

Over 40% of ACE seniors entering college will be 1st generation scholars*

Large majorities of students report their ACE experience helped them:

  • Become more motivated to attend college
  • Improved chances of being admitted to college
  • Learn skills and knowledge that lead to greater success in college

200+ college students have enrolled in the Transformative Partner Program, which acts as a bridge between high school and career   

*Compared to 27% nationwide (National Center for Education Statistics)


  • An estimated 2,000+ ACE alumni enter the AEC workforce every year
  • A growing number of ACE Mentors are program alumni (8%)
  • Each year, more than 600 students participate in paid Summer Workplace Experiences and Summer Camps
  • ACE Mentor, through generous contributions from donor and partner firmsprovides access to ongoing mentoring opportunities, soft skills training, and job board postings to active alumni pursuing careers in the AEC industry