2014-2015 Scholarship & Awards Banquet

A culmination of our inaugural year partnering with Riverview High School, with record participation of 74 students! Our Scholarship & Awards Banquet was held on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at Riverview High School. Almost $3,000 worth of scholarships were awarded! Scholarship winners included Matthew Berman ($1000), Pedro Vieira Marasciulo ($700), Devyn Kelly ($700), and Chris Goodacre ($500).

Sarasota High School Field Trip

This year the Sarasota Chapter partnered with the Sarasota County School Board, Harvard Jolly, and Tandem Construction to shadow the $40 million renovation, modernization, and new construction project at Sarasota High School. The field trip to Sarasota High School gave the students a first-hand look at the active construction site and allowed them to set foot in the project that they were working on in the classroom.

In the Classroom

Each week the students were exposed to a new and different perspective in the design process, from the Architect, to the Transportation Engineer, to the Cost Estimator and Contractor. Students worked within their teams and received in-house training by professionals (mentors and speakers) in related fields. Every other week an industry professional presented information about their profession and how it relates to the project. The week following a presentation, the students were given an assignment that was related to the speaker’s topic.