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Since 2008 the ACE Mentor Program Houston has given local high school students an opportunity to learn about careers in architecture, construction, and engineering ACE is a unique partnership between the design and construction industry, educational institutions, and the local community working in collaboration to develop the next generation of the AEC industry.

In this afterschool mentoring program, student teams work directly with professionals from the A E C industry to design real world projects, tour local construction sites, and visit architectural, engineering and construction offices. The program meets weekly from October to April at several mentor locations around Houston.

For students, ACE is an opportunity to learn about the various careers in the design and construction industry and find the best one for them. Working directly with professionals from the industry, students will receive a hands on introduction to principles of architecture, construction, and engineering, as well as receive access to scholarship and internship opportunities. There is no cost or GPA requirements to join.

For professionals, ACE provides an opportunity to give back to the community, while developing the next generation of the AEC industry, enhancing their professional skills, and networking with other professionals who share the same passions.

This year marks 15 years of mentoring in Houston. Sign up today as a student, mentor, or volunteer and help us celebrate this incredible milestone. Visit our website to learn more about getting involved today.


ACE Mentor Program Houston
P.O. Box 8851
Houston, TX 77249

Amy Hufnagel
Executive Director, ACE Houston

Scott Crain
Chairman of the Board, ACE Houston
Vice President, E.E. Reed

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