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About Us

ACE Mentor Houston is a collaborative effort to bring the multifaceted construction industry, educational institutions and local community together to expose high school students to the world of architecture, construction, engineering and the building trades.

In this afterschool mentoring program, student teams work directly with professionals from the A-E-C industry to design hypothetical projects, tour local construction sites and visit architectural, engineering and construction offices. The program runs from October to April and meets at one of eight locations around Houston.

For students, it is a unique chance to discover and develop new skills, solidify goals and get on track towards exciting and rewarding careers. In addition, many students form positive relationships with industry professionals who can provide important references for obtaining college admissions, scholarships, internships and full‐time employment.

For professionals, ACE provides an opportunity to give back to the community while developing the next generation in the building industry and networking with other professionals who share the same passions.

ACE Mentor Houston by the Numbers

Years in Houston – 12 years
Students Served – Over 1,150
Individual Mentors – 160
Mentor Companies – 45
Scholarships – Over $274,500
Schools served – 79+


Laura Carrera
ACE Houston Chairman
of the Board
Urbano Architects

Mailing address:
PO Box 8851
Houston, TX 77249

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