Exemplary School Champions

ACE Exemplary School Champions

Our volunteers are the very lifeblood of the ACE Mentor Program. They serve as team leaders and board members, develop lesson plans and facilitate site visits, and of course, are the mentors and champions for the next generation of construction professional.

Every year our ACE volunteers demonstrate impressive ingenuity, passion for community and commitment to our program mission. We recognize them all for their dedication and contributions.

2023 Exemplary School Champions

Jimmy Smith Cleveland
Wyman Lester Washington DC
Rhonda Sherman Omaha
Rick Boyd Knoxville
Emiliano Sanchez San Francisco Bay Area
Kim Reall Rhode Island
Sara Reese Boston
Amy Keller Western PA
Maria Cruz Los Angeles/Orange Counties
Richard Knoeppel Southern Nevada
Bill Brown Inland Empire
Julie Perrin Houston
Sean Peschel New Hampshire
Gwen Whiting Utah
Jacqulyn Harkness Akron-Canton
Christy Zavasnik Maine
Pam Davidson Colorado

2022 Exemplary School Champions

April Gibbs Los Angeles/Orange County
Therese May New Jersey
Sarah Dalrymple Cleveland
Karl Ruff Washington
Clint Floyd Dallas Fort Worth
Kevin Davenport Northeast Florida
Adam Guidry Nashville
Derryck Turner Washington DC
Glenn Rosario Kansas City
Noelle Schick Utah
Donna Couture New Hampshire
Robert Hjelle Omaha
Gretchen McCloy Maine
Janie Fossett Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia
Paul Muller Boston
Cassandra Hanna Akron/Canton
Mr. John Glenn ACE Charlotte
Rosemary Czar Southern Nevada
Candice Hartley Colorado
Roy Joe Kep Charleston