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ACE Mentor CA Capital formed in 2021 to serve students in the greater Sacramento area. We offer local students from high schools across the Sacramento area the opportunity to participate in our hands-on program that provides practical training and supports career readiness.

Our free program is open to students, grades 9-12, who are interested in exploring careers in architecture, construction, engineering, and the building trades. Guided by their volunteer mentors from across these industries, students work in teams on projects that involve virtually every phase of the construction process.

The ACE Mentor model gives participants a practical way to discover how industry professionals take a building from initial concept to final structure.


Are you an architecture, construction, or engineering professional?

Do you want to inspire youth to enter your industry?

Do you want to network and give back to your community?

Mentor volunteers are the lifeblood of our program. Each team of mentors is led by an experienced Mentor Captain. Mentors provide around 25 hours of volunteer time per school year and are not required to attend every session. Mentors with offices in or near downtown Sacramento may be encouraged provide meeting space for an ACE session.

If you are interested in being a mentor, please contact Sarah McIlroy.


The ACE Mentor Program is open to high school students and is offered at no cost. By participating in ACE, you will:

  • Receive career guidance: You will be exposed to the many disciplines and specialties encompassed by engineering, architecture, and design in order to help decide which one is right for you. Your mentors have already faced many of the decisions ahead of you, and they can help to guide you on your career path.
  • Overcome Challenges: You will be challenged to develop solutions to design problems, working in a team environment, and guided by your mentors. The challenges you’ll work through during the ACE Mentor Program will mirror many of those you’ll find in your future career.
  • Find ease in transitioning to the workplace: You will quickly become familiar with the office environment of your mentors, which will help prepare you for working in this type of setting after graduation.
  • Enhance your skills: You will develop a variety of important skills such as leadership, collaboration, problem solving, and negotiating. You will also hone your communications skills including graphics, drawing, writing, public speaking, and presentation throughout the course of your project. Depending on your team, you may also be exposed to electronic drafting software and other design and analysis software used in the industry.
  • Potentially garner jobs and internships: You will find that firms are always looking for motivated summer or part-time interns and employees. Your mentors will be able to help you identify and apply for the right position for you.
  • Receive opportunities for partial scholarships: You will be eligible for the partial college scholarships ACE Mentor CA Capital and national ACE offer to graduates of the ACE program who pursue design careers.
  • Bolster your resume: You will graduate from the ACE Mentor CA Capital program with a project you can use in your college portfolio and experience you can add to your resume. As a result of the program, many also gain professional references through their mentors.

Students and schools interested in the ACE Mentor program, please contact Sarah McIlroy.


Sarah McIlroy
Stantec Consulting Services Inc.

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Our board is comprised of local industry leaders who make a significant contribution to our chapter. We are grateful for their continuing support.
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