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ACE Mentor of Utah partners with local school districts to introduce students to the wide range of career opportunities open them. Students will gain hands on experience and hear from professionals in the below fields and more:

  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Construction
    • Project management, estimating, scheduling, etc.
    • Electricians, plumbers, iron workers, carpenters, etc.
  • Engineering
    • Civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc.
  • City planning

Throughout the year, students will work a project where they are able to put the knowledge they learn from industry professionals into action. This allows them to gain insights into different career paths and what is involved in each.

There will also be field trips during the year where students are able to see real construction sites and what it takes to build projects.


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Board of Directors

Our board is comprised of local industry leaders who make a significant contribution to our affiliate. We are grateful for their continuing support.
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The program runs during the spring semester of school. We start in the beginning of January and end in May.

We meet for a few hours each week. Half of the time is learning from an industry presenter and the other half is hands-on activities where the students will work as a team on their project.

The program is both in-person and virtual. All in-person sessions are held at schools located in the Salt Lake area.

Scholarships & Internships

Students are eligible for scholarships funded through ACE Mentor and partnering organizations. These help students with college tuition or expenses for craft apprenticeship programs.

In addition to scholarships, there is an opportunity for students to have summer internships with local companies. This is a rare experience for them to shadow professionals and learn more about future career possibilities.

Both of these opportunities are limited to students that participate in ACE Mentor throughout the year and submit a successful application.

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