Twin Cities


Twin Cities ACE is actively accepting new schools/ students to our Hub locations.
We are in our 3 year of our Hub model program and it is assisting providing a more well
rounded learning environment for our students as we are able to have more mentors
at one location. Our Hub locations are central locations at local business that have
heavy involvement in the ACE program.

An education that goes well beyond textbooks. By working with real professionals in real
work environments, ACE students receive an invaluable hands-on education – they learn to
understand the day-to-day workings of a business by living it, experiencing it,
not merely reading about it.

If your School or student is interested in learning more about ACE please reach out to us.

Or if you are interested in what additional requirements are required to participate please
let us know.

Below is our list of past and current schools that have participated in our program.