Cody Whitelock


Cody Whitelock

For six years, Cody Whitelock has woven himself into the fabric of the ACE Mentor Program of Raleigh, his commitment consistently shining through.

As an Associate Board of Directors member, Cody’s created the website for the Raliegh affiliate, one that other affiliates sought to replicate for their own, a testament to Cody’s creativity. Through his work, he not only saved thousands of dollars but also solidified the program’s online presence.

As one of the Raleigh Affiliate’s outstanding mentors, he offered his employer’s office as more than just a workspace. Through the ACE Mentor Summer Workplace Experience program, Cody ensured that every student who walked through the doors of Barnhill found support and guidance.

Cody isn’t just a mentor; he is a relentless advocate for the ACE Mentor Program. His voice can be heard in high school classrooms and professional offices alike and his passion is contagious. 

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