Sharla Sullivan


Sharla Sullivan

Sharla Sullivan tells us: “I only wish I had the opportunity to participate in ACE as a high school student so that I could have arrived in my fulfilling career in the construction industry sooner, with more support and great mentors to lead me through the process. The most rewarding part about being both a mentor and team lead? I learn so much from our students about communicating with the next generation of leaders and industry trades people. The future is bright, and these young folks are smarter and more agile in their thinking than I could have ever imagined.”

Her dedication to the ACE Mentor Program is unparalleled. She goes above and beyond, from recruiting mentors and students to co-designing the curriculum and orchestrating final presentations.

Sharla’s impact extends beyond the classroom. She actively participates in summer experiences, mentors on multiple ACE teams, and serves as a guest speaker, sharing her expertise and inspiring others to follow in her footsteps. Sharla’s efforts have led to tangible results, including securing externships for students, applying for grants, and expanding the program’s reach to reach more youth through pre-apprenticeship partnerships. 

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