Emiliano Sanchez


Emiliano Sanchez
Coordinator, CTE Trades and Apprenticeships, Oakland Unified School District
Oakland, California
ACE Mentor Program San Francisco Bay Area

Along with his full time commitments to the CTE Trades and Apprenticeships program, Emiliano serves as a mentor, team leader, and school champion for the ACE Oakland team. He’s worked closely with the ACE San Francisco Bay Area affiliate, and specifically with board members, to recruit students from the Oakland Unified School District, a district with a broad underserved population who don’t necessarily have access to programs and resources about career options. Notably, Emiliano is the main organizer of the affiliate’s Skilled Trades Day, an event that in October 2022 was attended by over 250 students. His goal is for parents and students to understand that the trades are a viable option in today’s workforce. He begins each of his sessions by highlighting a minority. For example, during International Women’s Month, students were introduced to Joyce Guy, a retired ironworker from the area, one week and then to Nora Stanton Blatch, a female civil engineer who worked on the Golden Gate Bridge, the next. His commitment to the program has helped the Oakland team become one of the affiliate’s most well-attended.

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