Rhonda Sherman


Rhonda Sherman
Instructor, Design & Construction Academy Team Lead, Benson Magnet School
Omaha, Nebraska
ACE Mentor of Greater Omaha

As the Head Instructor at Benson Magnet School, Rhonda has rejuvenated a struggling ACE program in just three years. She built the program from the ground up with expectations for herself, her students, and their overall excellence. To ensure her ability to support the program, she audited courses at the local community college, learning AutoCAD and Revit for instance. She is committed to the program and understand the importance of working beside professionals in the ACE field. According to her colleagues and other ACE mentors, she responds to opportunities and provides access and experiential learning to her students. She spends countless hours working on lessons that build skills, character, and confidence, an especially challenging task as this year her class is over 70% ESL students. The ACE lead mentor noted, “Each year, I am always astonished to see the students’ successes between mentor sessions and overall, from the beginning of the year to the end. Rhonda does a great job of cultivating the students interests …while also helping to push the students to step out of their comfort zone.”

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