Oceanna Lenon, BSBA


Oceanna Lenon, BSBA
Communications Coordinator

Oceanna Lenon, a former ACE student and top scholarship winner, had her journey take an unexpected turn during her freshman year in college, with the COVID-19 pandemic. She embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure that ultimately led to her love for website design, digital marketing, and business development.

In addition to her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Oceanna hold certifications as an E-commerce Specialist and a Digital Marketer, complemented by excellent intercultural skills. Eager to give back to the program that played a pivotal role in shaping her path, Oceanna returned to the ACE Mentor Program, ready to inspire and guide the next generation of aspiring professionals.

She lives in Palmdale, California, surrounded by her loving family and pet cat, Melanie. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, staying active through exercise, daily lessons of French, and expressing her creativity through painting.

Oceanna Can Help With:

  • Social Media and Communications

ACE National Office Staff