Claudia Cepeda


Claudia Cepeda
Senior Designer, Walter P. Moore
Houston, TX

Since 2018, Claudia, a senior designer with Walter P. Moore, has been a committed member of the ACE Houston Affiliate. She has focused her mentoring on Galena Park, the community in which she grew up and one of the more under-resourced areas in the Houston area. When pandemic related issues and volunteer shortages could have eliminated the Galena Park ACE program, Claudia advocated for her students, volunteered as the lead mentor preparing the curriculum planning, mentor recruitment, student outreach, and more. Even in the midst of adopting her first child this past year, she has stayed committed to the program, even taking on the role of lead mentor at the high school, putting together impressive guest speakers, interactive lesson plans and engaging field trips. That same dedication is evident with the affiliate. Claudia joined the Associate Board in 2019, and as Student Committee Chair, overhauled the school outreach efforts by centralizing and standardizing communications, which has allowed the affiliate to expand outreach to more schools.

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